**It is with regret that we annoucing the passing of Alyce Bryant-Reece, the President of the ATV Club, on February 8, 2018. The Club will continue to move ahead with her plans to expand the ATV trail system throughout Aroostook County.**

The trail to Eagle Lake is now open! It is called the Acadian Trail, and now connects the Portage ATV trails to the north-western side of Aroostook County! This is a huge for local businesses, tourism and huge for completing a totally 4 season recreational area for Northern Aroostook County.

Our motto has been "Let's Go, Let's Grow!" Mission accomplished.

Officers & Board of Directors

President   Rena Belanger-Interim
Vice President   
Secretary  Rena Mae Belanger
Treasurer  Vacant
Board Member  Jeannie Jones
Board Member  Ken Fones
Board Member  Robert Flint

Appointed Positions

TrailMaster - Kenny Fones

TrailMaster Assitant/Trail Marshall - Jeannie Jones

Membership - vacant 

 Aroostook County ATV trail map

Upcoming Events: 


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