In October of 2015, the residents of Nashville Plantation voted to allow Portage Lake to handle the duties of the Plantation's Clerk & Tax Collections. If you are a resident of Nashville Plantation, you must now come to the Portage Lake Town Office to register your vehicles, register recreational vehicles (ATV, snowmobiles, boats) and pay your taxes. Dog registrations can be done either at the Portage Lake Town Office or online

Nashville Plantation Tax Bills:
2020 Tax Bills     

Nashville Plantation Annual Town Reports:

2017-2018 Annual Report
2019-2020 Annual Report
2020-2021 Annual Report: Report & Warrant
                                     Annual Audit

Commitment Books: 
2020-2021   RE Commitment Book   Pers. Prop. Commitment Book  

Nashville Plantation's Tax Commitment dates:
2015-2016  11/9/2015
2016-2017  10/20/2016
2017-2018  10/4/2017
2018-2019  11/19/2018
2019-2020 10/21/2020
2020-2021 11/10/2020