Get ready for the 7th Annual Chub/Junk Fish Tournament in Portage Lake focused entirely on JUNK FISH! That's right...chub, perch, sunfish, catfish/ long as it isn't something you would normally eat, it is fair game!  Fish of all shapes & sizes--it all counts toward the final goal! The tournament encourages everyone to get out and learn the art of fishing, and maybe fall in love with the past-time!

Download our registration form for more information, or call the Portage Lake Town Office and speak with Larry, 435-4361. This is intended to be a fun family event! Three prizes will be awarded in 3 different categories based on weight of total fish caught throughout the day.

Date: Saturday July 24, 2021

Start time: 8 am, weigh in at the Forestry. 

Weigh in Times: Children ages 5-12:  12:30 pm
                           Adults ages 12+:        1:00 pm
                           Party Boats (5 ppl):    1:30 pm

Chub Tournament August 2019 Sarah Gaganon