Todd Allen: Office: 207-435-4361 or 207-504-2077-cell 

 Dog Licenses: Not spayed/neutered=$11, spayed/neutered=$6,

All dogs six months or older on or before January 1st must be licensed. All dog owners must present a valid rabies certificate at the time of registration.

After January 31st a late fee of $25 will be added. If you fail to register your dog you may be called upon by a police officer or animal control officer and be subject to an additional fee and a potential fine. If you no longer have your dog, please notify the Town Clerk as soon as possible.

Portage Lake Dog Ordinance found in Portage Lake Land Use Ordinance

1. Animal Sounds and Dogs Running at Large.

A. No owner or keeper of any dog kept within the legal limits of the Town of Portage Lake shall allow such dog to unnecessarily annoy or disturb any person by continued or repeated barking or other unusual noises.
B. Upon written complaint, signed and sworn to by the person disturbed, any duly qualified Law Enforcement Official or Animal Control Officer of the Town of Portage Lake may investigate and may give written notice to the owner or keeper of such dog that such annoyance or disturbance must cease. The warning shall be made part of the complaint. Thereafter, upon continuance of such annoyance or disturbance, such owner shall be guilty of a civil violation and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of $50.00 for the first violation, $100.00 for the second violation, and up to $500.00 for 3 or more violations. All fines so assessed and Attorney fees shall be recovered for the use of the Town through District Court.