General Assistance Director: Corrine Routhier
General Assistance Administrator: Kimberly Allen

General Assistance applications are available at the Portage Lake Town Office at 20 School St., Portage Lake, ME during the following days and times: 
        Tuesday 8 am to 3 pm
       Thursday 8 am to 3 pm
       Friday 8 am to 1 pm

Town Office Phone: 207-435-4361
GA Cell Phone for After Hours: 207-227-3965
General Assistance Ordinance State Statutes:
State of Maine General Assistance toll free number: 1-800-442-6003. This number is not to be used an after-hours or emergency number, but for information only. 

Download and fill out the General Assistance Application or pick up a hard-copy form at the Portage Lake Town Office.  Be sure to review and fill out this General Assistance Packet and bring it with you along with the application to your appointment. 

If you have completed an application, please call the Office to schedule a General Assistance appointment.  If we need to return your call to make an appointment, please be prepared to answer your phone. If you miss your scheduled appointment you will need to call to reschedule. 

If you have a General Assistance EMERGENCY during normal office hours shown above CALL THE OFFICE to speak with the General Assistance Administrator. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP AT THE OFFICE!
If you have a General Assistance EMERGENCY outside of office hours, please call 207-227-3965 and arrangements will be made to conduct a phone interview with you as soon as possible. 

Every town in Maine has a General Assistance program that helps people in need who have exhausted all other resources. Assistance is provided for basic necessitites only, such as affordable housing, utilities & food. Portage Lake's General Assistance is available to Portage Lake residents only.

Complete the General Assistance application which can be found at the link above or at the Town Office. Fill in everything in as much detail as possible. Do not sign it until your interview is conducted either in person or via phone. All adults who live in the household listed on the application must apply at the General Assistance office. A caseworker will interview you to complete an application. Please note: You must make a good-faith effort to make all resonable efforts to reduce your need for General Assistance, including using available and potential resources such as other government benefit programs, assistance from legally liable relatives, employment opportunities, etc." (subsection 4317 of the Notice of GA Eligibility)