The Portage Lake Transfer Station is permanently closed. Portage Lake residents must now take their garbage, brush, building materials, white goods, and tires to the Ashland Transfer Station located on Wrightville Road in Ashland. Residents and camp owners have the option of contracting with garbage haulers DDR out of Ashland or Sauciers out of Eagle Lake to pick up their garbage. Their info can be found under the Businesses tab on this website. Non-residents of Portage Lake who are also camp-owners must get a permit from the Portage Lake Town Office.

Ashland Transfer Station hours:

Tuesdays 1-5,

Thursdays 3-7 

Saturdays 8-4.

RECYCLING IGLOOS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE TOWN HALL, AS WELL AS A GLASS RECYCLE BIN. BOTH ARE LOCATED AT THE BACK OF THE BUILDING NEAR THE TENNIS COURTS. Accepted are milk jugs, #2 plastics (please check the bottom of your container to be sure it says #2 and not #1 or #5), newspapers, magazines, and tin cans. The more we recycle, the less goes into our landfills!