For more than 30 years, the PLA has been "Dedicated to preserving and enhancing all those elements that make Portage Lake a unique Aroostook County recreation area". Obviously, our efforts to physically protect the lake, primarily through our participation in the state's Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program ( , provide the PLA's most visible contribution to the community. But our interests do not stop there. We have long worked to increase public awareness of the wonderful community environment that Portage Lake offers. To the extent possible, we support ongoing efforts by the town and by other civic clubs and organizations to ensure that Portage Lake remains a vibrant year round setting in which to live, work and play.

An Act to Protect Maine LakesAct to Protect Maine Lakes by the 127th Legislature of Maine. This law prohibits application of fertilizer containing phosphorous or nitrogen within 25 feet of the normal high-water mark. This is important for anyone who lives or owns lakeshore property, but all Portage Lake residents and property owners should be familiar with this law.

Portage Lake Depth Map

OFFICERS                                                                        OTHER DIRECTORS

President Martha LaPointe       Larry Duchette David Pierce
Vice President Fred Edgecomb   Louie Miller Susan Doyen
Treasurer Peter Haskell   James McAuley Janice Cyr
Secretary Julie Libby   Jeff Poirier
Immediate Past Pres. Ray Wakefield    
  Ralph Miller      

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Upcoming Events:

Boat Parade:
July 3 @ 10 am, line up at the Cottage Road outlet.

Public Dinner & Annual Business Meeting: August 6 @ Town Hall, happy hour at 5:30, dinner at 6:30. Donations accepted, all members of the public welcome.

Annual Ring of Fire, Saturday of Labor Day Weekend at dusk (have fires going by 7 pm). All lake-side property owners the lake are asked to have a campfire at the same time to create a "ring of fire" around the lake. Be sure all fires are contained in a ring of metal or rocks. Obtain a fire permit if needed.